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Have you ever heard of the story of Jesus and the Jumblement? Or how about the story of Jesus and the Juggernaut? Or how about the story of Jesus and the Jailbreak? This summer series is designed to give you fresh take on some Jesus Stories from the gospels of Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John and to encourage you to take your next step in your faith journey with Jesus.




With all of the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we often need to stop and just remember to BREATHE, and this series is designed to help you do just that! It’s a “how to” series, with some encouragement from the Bible on how to EXHALE things from your life like Worry, Panic, Fear, and Crisis…and INHALE things in your life like Worship, Peace, Faith, and Calm. So get comfortable, lean in, and take a moment to breathe.




The parent with a stubborn child. The couple whose marriage is in jeopardy. The man who is out of work. The woman stuck in crushing debt. The patient with a bad diagnosis. The student who’s struggling and feeling alone . People hanging by a thread, losing faith and short on strength. What do they all need to hear? “Don’t Give Up!” The series is designed to encourage you to trust God and His timing, to pray for patience and strength, and to seek out a community of believers who will encourage you. 




It’s the greatest story ever told, it’s changed all of history and it impacts our lives daily.  It’s the story of Jesus, His death and His resurrection, and we’ve been invited to share it with the world around us. This pre-Easter series is designed to encourage you to live out the Un-Ashamed life, by examining WHO Jesus is and WHAT He has rescued you from, so that you will be brave and bold in sharing your faith with those in your home, your workplace, and/or your school.




Love-Songs connect with so many of us is because a “love-song” is a story that sings about the HOPE of Love, the HERE & NOW of Love, and/or the HEARTBREAK of Love, and everyone of us have found ourselves in one of these seasons. No matter what season of love you might be in, God sees you, God loves you, and God is with you. The main purpose of this series is to encourage You to “Sing a Song Worth Singing” in regards to your romantic-relationship. So let’s dive-in to “Song of Songs” and see what it has to say! 




The purpose of this series is to encourage you to see 2021 as a “Clean Slate”, a chance to start fresh, so that you can keep growing into the person God has created you to be. Within this series, we’ll be using Andy Stanley’s book “Better Decisions, Fewer Regrets” as a springboard into the Bible, and we’ll process together 5 Questions that’ll help you determine your next move; (1) the Integrity Question, (2) the Legacy Question, (3) the Conscience Question, (4) the Maturity Question, and the Relationship Question. 




What if your possessions are actually keeping you from experiencing “something better” GOD has in store for you? You’ll never let Jesus save You as long as You believe Your Possessions will. This series is designed to help give you a better understanding of what Irrational Generosity looks like in order to help you see the benefits of giving more of yourself to Jesus and less of yourself to your possessions.




After 6 Weeks off recovering from back surgery, Pastor Chris is back to remind us what the Mission is in the Midst of all the Chaos. This series is designed to help you-(the church)-separate yourself from the hate that is building within our culture. This series will cover 4 RESPONSES believers must have in order to live out their faith and stay focused on the Mission.




Living a life without Jesus and serving the way He serves…isn’t really living at all…it’s just existing. The series will go through the book of Philippians, chapter by chapter, focusing on some specific advice from Paul on what the best way to live looks like. The series is meant to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, away from being content, and into actively pursuing a life that looks more like Jesus.




In 2019, we saw 11% of adults surveyed-(18yrs & up)-reporting symptoms of anxiety disorder and/or depressive disorder. In 2020, we saw 40.9% of adults surveyed-(18yrs & up)-reporting symptoms of anxiety disorder and/or depressive disorder, and it’s only gotten worse. Things are not fine in our world. This series is designed to help you understand how Jesus is the “Umbrella Answer” to the Problem of Poor Mental Health.




After waiting in many ways because of quarantine, it’s time for something more, for something BEYOND! And in light of what’s happening in our country involving the conversation regarding racial in-equality, it’s time for something BRAVE, and for something good & just to come-out of all of this. NOW is the time for us to step out and BRING the life-saving, hope-giving, fear-busting, peace-filling, love of Jesus…so let’s go!




The Church has an infection that started 2,000 years ago, when it first hit a small group of people living in Jerusalem & Judea. At first, only a few communities were impacted by this infection, but it soon spread to Samaria, Athens, Rome, and overtime, this infection became a pandemic. The book of Acts tells the story of this Resurrection-infection and how it resulted in a hope that changed everything. So let’s dive into the first half of the book of Acts in order to discover what a Pandemic of Hope looks like & how it can help today.