Compassion Ministries
Be the hands and feet of Jesus all around the world.

We believe that God has called us to live our lives for more than just ourselves. It’s our goal to build meaningful relationships with our “Compassion Partners” and we believe that happens by actually sending you there to help! But don’t worry, we don’t plan on sending you there alone. That’s one big reason for Community Groups. Our groups are committed to serving together with these partners on a regular basis. So get connected with a Community Group near you if you would like to start serving in this way. You can find out more information about our Compassion Partners by visiting one of their websites below. For any other questions, or if you’re interested in serving, please email our compassion director Jackie Rezabek.

Jesus has called us to reach ALL people.

Our mission is to serve our local community as well as our global partners.

We strive to launch people into the world to make a difference.

“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Mark 10:45


Madison Heights Elementary

Madison Heights Elementary school is a Title I school in our own community. This means that there are a lot of families whose children attend Madison Heights Elementary that need assistance from the school and city. We want to partner with Madison Heights and love our neighbors as Jesus calls us to do. Madison Heights is also an “A” rated school. To learn more about Madison Heights, click here.

Phoenix Dream Center
The Phoenix Dream Center is a Christian based refuge and recover center designed to help people live good, clean and spiritual lives. Their service to our community provides housing to over 450 people each night and 1,200 daily meals to their residents, the homeless and at risk youth in the community. Residents include individuals from human trafficking, aged out youth from foster care and life recovery (drug and alcohol addicts in recovery). To learn more about the Phoenix Dream Center please visit their website.

Legacy Family Ministries – Steve & Melissa Hubler
Legacy Family Ministries empowers parents to raise their kids with an unshakable Faith in Jesus Christ. The voice of secular culture is lying to our children. So, we use engaging family events, the best tools available, and long term coaching to insure your success. We are with you, we bring you the best and we empower you to succeed. To learn more about Legacy Family Ministries please visit their website.


The Hams with CMF & MOHI – Kenya
The Hams serve with the CMF (Christian Missionary Fellowship)team in partnership with MOHI (Missions of Hope International) in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. Their goal in the Mathare Valley is to see individual lives and communities transformed for Christ. MOHI currently uses the education and feeding of 13,000 children as an inroad into all types of ministry to the families of the Mathare Valley, including community development, health education, micro-credit loans, business training, church leadership and staff development. To learn more about the Hams and CMF,
click here.

Niños de Baja
Niños de Baja is a Christian-outreach ministry in El Porvenir, a tiny farm town 50 miles south of the California/U.S. border. Here, people from Mexico and the U.S. work together to help change children’s lives. Niños provides a loving home for 40 plus children who have been orphaned, abused or abandoned. They also do community outreach to El Porvenir and beyond. The mission at Porvenir is to share the love of Christ by serving children in Baja California, Mexico. To learn more about Niños de Baja please visit their website.

The Ellgens with Cadence International
Brad and Debbie Ellgen are currently directors of the Airmen Ministry Center at FE Warren in Cheyenne, WY. They run a hospitality ministry from their home providing meals, Bible Study, and a number of other activities to the Airmen stationed at FE Warren. To learn more about the Ellgens and Cadence International, click here.

For any questions regarding our Compassion Ministries, feel free to email our compassion director Jackie Rezabek.