We believe that God has called us to live our lives for more than just ourselves. It’s our goal to build meaningful relationships with our “Compassion Partners” and we believe that happens by actually sending you there to help! But don’t worry, we don’t plan on sending you there alone. That’s one big reason for Life Groups. Our groups are committed to serving together with these partners on a regular basis. So get connected with a Community Group near you if you would like to start serving in this way. You can find out more information about our Compassion Partners by visiting one of their websites below. For any other questions, or if you’re interested in serving, please email our compassion director Austin Thumm.



I believe that a huge part of being the hands and feet of Jesus is building relationships with people, so I’m SO blessed to have an opportunity to go back to a place that holds a special place in my heart. The Lord cares so deeply for children, and I’m honored that he has chosen me for a time such as this to continue to love them and point them to Him. 


I chose to go to Kenya because the need to help others and step out of my comfort zone has been calling to me ever since I joined Lincoln Heights.


I want to go to Kenya so I can see the kids experience everything that God has allowed me to experience. I want to worship Him with them, go to see His creation with them, and pray over them with the power of His spirit! What a blessing it would be for God to say yes and open the door for me to go. 


I originally wanted to go to Kenya so that I could gain a new perspective. Now that I have gone once before, I don’t want to lose my new perspective, and that’s why I want to go back.


I want to fly to Kenya because I believe we are called to listen and obey God, especially when he tells us to get out of our comfort zone in order to further his kingdom. I’m excited to have an opportunity to live in obedience by being the hands and feet of Jesus to these people in a far away land. I know they will impact my life for the better by opening my eyes to their everyday reality and I hope I get the chance to impact their lives for the better through Christ Jesus!


After going to Kenya night, I was really inspired to go and be a part of showing these kids the love of God and help them grow in their faith, as well as grow in my own.


 I wish to pursue my passion of being a voice for the voiceless in a way that God has equipped me to do so. This opportunity allows me to see God working through the lives of His creation with a new lens and perspective. I appreciate all of your support and prayers!


I was lost for most of my life before making the decision to follow Jesus. He has shown me that I am worthy and capable of all things through Him, and that is what I am hoping to share on our missions trip to Kenya.  Helping can take many forms, but spreading the joy and love of Christ with others is where I find happiness and hope..


I want to go back to Kenya to be immersed in, and be part of, the sense of community within Mathare Valley. I want to experience the joy of seeing the excitement on the children’s faces as they embark on a new experience. I want to be surrounded, again, by the love and faith that is spread across the people through Jesus.


I have never been on a missions trip before, but God has put it on my heart for this year to be my first one! I am excited to go with such a wonderful group of people, some of which  are my dad and sister. I have a passion for helping people, especially kids, and the idea of getting to help out all those kids in Kenya that we have been supporting sounds so much fun!


Missions holds a special place in my heart. I have been going on these trips ever since I was a youth pastor, back before I moved to Arizona, and I have loved every minute of every one! But this particular missions trip I already know will hold a special place in my heart because it will be the first one I get to go on with my two oldest daughters! Praise God!



It can be difficult at times for church leaders to find a trusted neutral organization that is for the individual and for the church. This is where PHOENIX/ONE steps in. With 20+ years of ministry expertise, both in the local and para-church settings, PHOENIX/ONE stands as a neutral partner that will walk closely with churches and their staff in whatever way they need to become or remain spiritually whole. They are biblically based and believe in the unity of the Church as the main form of evangelism in this world. To learn more about PHOENIX/ONE please visit their website..

Phoenix Rescue Mission
The Phoenix Rescue Mission is a Christian based organization that provides a place of hope, healing, and new beginnings for men, women, and children in the community struggling with homelessness, addiction, and trauma. They strive to transform lives to transform the city by providing Christ-centered life transforming solutions to those in the community. Check out their website for more information here.

Legacy Family Ministries – Steve & Melissa Hubler
Legacy Family Ministries empowers parents to raise their kids with an unshakable Faith in Jesus Christ. The voice of secular culture is lying to our children. So, we use engaging family events, the best tools available, and long term coaching to insure your success. We are with you, we bring you the best and we empower you to succeed. To learn more about Legacy Family Ministries please visit their website.


The Hams with MOHI – The Hams serve with MOHI (Missions of Hope International) in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. Their goal in the Mathare Valley is to see individual lives and communities transformed for Christ. MOHI currently uses the education and feeding of 13,000 children as an inroad into all types of ministry to the families of the Mathare Valley, including community development, health education, micro-credit loans, business training, church leadership and staff development. To learn more about the Hams and MOHI, Click here.

Niños de Baja
Niños de Baja is a Christian-outreach ministry in El Porvenir, a tiny farm town 50 miles south of the California/U.S. border. Here, people from Mexico and the U.S. work together to help change children’s lives. Niños provides a loving home for 40 plus children who have been orphaned, abused or abandoned. They also do community outreach to El Porvenir and beyond. The mission at Porvenir is to share the love of Christ by serving children in Baja California, Mexico. To learn more about Niños de Baja please visit their website.


The Ellgens with Cadence International
Brad and Debbie Ellgen are currently directors of the Airmen Ministry Center at FE Warren in Cheyenne, WY. They run a hospitality ministry from their home providing meals, Bible Study, and a number of other activities to the Airmen stationed at FE Warren. To learn more about the Ellgens and Cadence International, click here.

For any questions regarding our Compassion Ministries, feel free to email our compassion director Austin Thumm.