For the 2022-2023 Fiscal Year

Each year, at the end of our fiscal, it’s a value of ours to stop and celebrate what GOD has done, look for what He’s doing now, and then prepare for what we believe He has in store for us next. Below you will see where we’ve been, where we are, and where we are going!

Part 1: Where We’ve Been

God has been doing incredible things over the last year at our church. From baptisms to community events, we’ve seen Him move in amazing ways. 

We Are Celebrating 


We see an opportunity to grow in attendance as a church. This leads us to our First Key Initiative:

Part 2: Where We Are

If you’ve been around Lincoln Heights, then you’ve heard us mention WHY we exist more than a few times; “We Exist to Lead the ONE Home into a Life-Changing Relationship with JESUS.”  We want this, not only for those who are already a part of this community but for everyone…visitors included! We want to give people multiple opportunities to INVITE their friends to hear about & see what JESUS looks like. That’s why we want to have amazing…

Weekend Services 

Community Events 

Groups & Retreats 

Compassion Events 

Over the last two years, we’ve been working on raising $500K to sharpen our campus “Ministry Tool” so we can better reach the ONE. During this time, we’ve raised & spent $158,000 (that’s 32% of the project-goal). During this time, we’ve worked on…

Roof Repairs

Audio Visual Updates

Painting & Repairs 

Multi-Purpose Room Updates 

Recording Studio 

We are Committed to Raising the Remaining $342,000 to finish the next 5 projects

Cafe Repairs & Remodel

Directional Signs

Kitchen Remodel 


Site Plans 

Part 3: Where We’re Going.

As a church, we don’t want to be a place that’s only used on the weekends. We want our surrounding community to use Lincoln Heights as a gathering place…. every day of the week! To achieve this goal we are planning to create…

A Sports Ministry 

An Arts Ministry 

A Cafe Ministry

A Pre-School/Day-Care Ministry 

An Events & Venue Ministry 

A Discipleship Training Ministry 

So, Now What?.

Our Elders & Staff have prayed and considered this vision we believe GOD has for Lincoln Heights, and we are EXCITED to see the next steps He has for us this next fiscal year. We are going to continue to LISTEN to Him as we move forward, and we would love it if you would join us! Here’s the ASK; would you just lean into JESUS a bit more this year, and ask Him to show you how you might be able to help make this Vision become a reality? And if you feel like you’re ready to step in and help in some way, please CLICK HERE and we will help you get connected. And if you would like to help out with one of our SIX Ministries mentioned above, go to THIS link to sign up or a correlated informational meeting on the ministry. Thank you for taking the time to read this…PEACE!

Watch the Vision Sunday Sermon, June 25, 2023