The History of our church is actually quite interesting! God has truly done some incredible things through the years of our church.

Lincoln Heights was birthed in 1885 out of a desire to see people loved into a life-changing relationship with God. For the next eighty years, we went on to plant over thirty churches in the Valley, making innovation, pioneering, and evangelism our key cultural characteristics. In 1967, we moved from the downtown Phoenix area to Lincoln Drive, and began to build a relationship with our surrounding community.

In 2010, God reignited our passion to pursue Jesus, grow together, and unleash compassion both locally and globally. God put a deep desire in our hearts to return to our historic roots of evangelism and culture shaping in order to see people come to know Jesus! Now what God began in 2010 as a reignited passion, He has grown into a revolutionary plan.

“In order to reach those who have not been reached, we have to do things that have not been done.”

In other words, we need to be a church that is willing to think outside the box, take risks, and do whatever it takes “short of sin” to love people into a life-changing relationship with God. Why? Because we remember what it was like not to be in a relationship with Jesus, and we would not wish that life upon anyone. We want the best for the people in our lives, and we believe the best is found in a relationship with God, not in a religion about Him.

In all of this, we believe God’s timing to be perfect. He knew that before we were able to move into action we had to be convinced of the truth that He loves us for who we are, and not what we do. And who are we? All of us, whether we call ourselves Christians or not, and whether we call Lincoln Heights home or not, are God’s creation. He loves us simply because we are His. It is this incredible love that grounds us, and at the same time motivates and calls us to action!

So here we are today, ready for God to write the next chapter in the story of Lincoln Heights with hearts saying “Thank You God for loving us!” and with lives saying “Here we are God, use us!” We want to be a church that is making a difference and not just talking about it. What does that look like for Lincoln Heights? Well, after a ton of prayer and planning, we believe God has given us a clear vision for the next 5 years, a vision that is grounded in His Word!

The time is now, and the vision is Lead, Love, and Launch.