God has truly done some incredible things through the years of our church.

Back in 1885, God planted a little church in downtown Phoenix called First Church of Christ. Out of a desire to see people loved into a life-changing relationship with Jesus, this little church went on to plant over 30 churches in the state of Arizona, making innovation, pioneering, and a genuine love for people be just a few of it’s key cultural characteristics. In 1967, the church moved from downtown to Lincoln Drive, and although it changed its name to Lincoln Heights Christian Church, it did not change its character or passion to see people led home to Jesus! 


In the life of this little church over the last 130+ years, God has kept this passion alive, He has proven Himself to be faithful, and He has continued to invite us to dream BIG, which has led us to a clear & compelling Vision


We Exist to Lead the ONE Home into a Life-Changing Relationship with Jesus

So Much So, that God Would Use Us to Reach 1% of the Population Within 

a 10 Mile Radius of Lincoln Heights Christian Church. 

(1% of the Population = 7,700 People


This phrase “Lead the One Home” has captured our hearts. We truly believe the “problem” we’re seeing in our culture is that people are disconnected from God and from others, and the result of this disconnection is people feeling lost and alone. We also believe the “solution” to this problem is found in Jesus’ Parable of the Lost Sheep, and how that parable describes a shepherd who is willing to leave the comfort found in the Ninety-Nine in order to lead the ONE home. Jesus has done this for us, and He is calling us to do the same for the ONE’s in our lives today. Each of us knows a ONE who is feeling disconnected, and as followers of Jesus, it’s our responsibility to “Lead the One Home”.

So here we are today, ready for God to write the next chapter in the story of Lincoln Heights, with hearts saying “Thank You God for loving us!” and with lives saying “Here we are God, use us to lead the ONE home!”. And what does that look like for Lincoln Heights? HOW do we plan to “Lead the ONE Home”? In short, by leading, loving, and launching. The “how” is to LEAD People to Jesus, LOVE People into Community, and LAUNCH People into Making a Difference. These three words represent our guiding values, and we believe that when we live these values OUT-LOUD, the ONE will be led home! THANK YOU for taking the time to read a bit of our story, and we invite you to join us & be a part of this next exciting chapter at Lincoln Heights Christian Church…PEACE!