We are truly blessed to have such a beautiful campus in a great location within Phoenix, and we see this campus as a “ministry tool” given to us by the Lord to help us Lead the One Home. However, just like in the case of any regular “tool”, tools can be used so much that they become dull, and when this happens it becomes a challenge to use the tool the way it was meant to be used. Dull “tools” need to be sharpened. 

NOW is the time to sharpen our campus “ministry tool” in order to help us realize our vision of reaching 1% of the population within a 10 mile radius of our campus–(7,700 people).

The common value found within each of these improvements, is that each of these endeavors will help us better Lead the One Home, by delivering a quality on-line or on-campus experience when the “One” decides to visit our church for the first time. (Remember, we often only get one chance to make a good impression). So let’s not just make a “good impression”, let’s make a GREAT one for the glory of the Lord! 


Roof Repairs

Our main building is experiencing leaks that are impacting Sunday service, causing us to put buckets out as well as make sure no one slips or gets hurt.  

During our remodel of the NextGen building, the roof received a quick fix that has worked for the past 4 years but we are struggling with constant leaks and water damage. Our NextGen building gets rented out by our community and we want to create a space for them that is clean, modern, and classy.

Audio/Visual Upgrades

To keep up with our online presence, we need to upgrade our sound equipment. We have tried to do small fixes here and there but we are experiencing constant issues. Not only are we experiencing issues online, but also in house. We need new microphones, A/V equipment, projectors, drums, etc.
In order to reach the “One”, we need to provide a quality service for all members, new & old & in person and online.

Compassion Cafe

We had our Compassion Cafe remodeled in April 2021 but it was not done up to code or completed. There are crooked counters, unfinished flooring, exposed outlets, etc.
In order to reach the “One”, we want our Compassion Cafe to not only be up to code, but a welcoming space for new people to feel comfortable in. We also want this space to be appealing for community groups to meet here as well.

Directional Signage

Lincoln Drive is one of the busiest streets in North Phoenix. We currently have a banner set up that provides the drivers with signage of where to enter the property, but this signage could be improved.

Most visitors assume the NextGen building  is our main building for regular service and activities. This causes confusion for new visitors attempting to attend events in our main building with the sanctuary. This is important for the “One” that we are trying to reach because we are reaching people as they drive by and directional signage will help reduce confusion for our visitors.

Paint & Stucco Repair

It is time to give our building a fresh coat. Our stucco is also breaking away on our ramp leading to the offices. This stucco is old and cracking and it is time to replace it.

We want our campus to be clean and welcoming for our new and old members and painting is a great solution. We want people to know we care about our campus.

Update Multipurpose Room

Our multipurpose room is used often for our Starting Point and our groups like Rooted or FPU. The multipurpose room has become a storage place for miscellaneous items and we would love to create a space that is welcoming with a multipurpose set up for (1) a “Welcome Lounge” and (2) a “Meeting Space”.
Our goal in reaching the “One” is making sure our campus is warm and inviting including our multipurpose room. We use our multipurpose room to host our Starting Point classes which are for new members. We want to make the “One” feel comfortable during their first interaction in a meeting space. The updates we would like to implement would be new matching furniture, recessed lighting, and remounting our television.

Remodel NextGen Kitchen

We had our NextGen building remodeled 4 years ago and unfortunately the kitchen was not included in the scope of work. We receive multiple room rental requests from groups throughout the community for a space with a kitchen. Though we have such a space, we have to say no to these groups because our kitchen is non functional.
Per our mission to love our community and reach the “One” we never want to say no to our community. By providing an operational kitchen, we will be able to use our NextGen building to its full potential. In addition, this kitchen will be used for a snack shack for our student ministries that meet several times a week. These student ministries are an important part of our congregation along with the several different groups that could meet on our grounds during the week. We would like to provide them all with the resources they need to succeed including a washer/dryer, new appliances, cabinets, counters, and fresh paint.

Finish our AV Filming Studio

During our short shut down, we decided to create a studio for filming and production. We began demolition in 2020 but have yet to have the funds to finish.

This studio will be used to film sermons, film baptism videos, film kids and youth videos, and more! People are moving more and more online and we need to keep up with the trend as a Church. Our goal is to have a studio with a soundproof room, up to date equipment, a green screen space, and a warm, filming space.


New Landscape

Having more greenery and plants on campus will create a welcoming environment. People are automatically drawn to “pretty” landscape and since Lincoln Dr is so busy, the new landscape will cause more people to notice our property helping us reach the “One”.

Conceptual Drawings

As we continue to grow and reach our “One”, our campus will need to grow as well. Our current auditorium holds 200 chairs but our vision as a Church is to reach 7,700 people. In order to do so, we will need a larger auditorium, bigger parking lot, and more. We would love to have conceptual drawings made to help create vision to staff and our members.