When You’re Ready, We’re Here.
Lincoln Heights’ Response to Covid-9

We are meant to be together.
  We are constantly trying to find ways to develop that togetherness in our church, that’s been hard lately.  We have seen some encouraging things happen in online communities and we are excited about new ways to use technology in the future, but there is something unique about being together that so many of us miss.

So, when you’re ready, we’re here!

I want to share some of the ways the we are going to here as we get back together.

We’re here to be Cautious.

We want to be cautious with our health and with those around us.  If you are not feeling well or you are concerned about getting sick, stay home.  We want the best for everyone both physically and spiritually.  Coming together is important, but just as important is the health of every person.  Let’s be cautious as we come together.

We’re here to be Careful.  

Cleanliness has always been important to us and we are going to continue and heighten the level of cleanliness on campus. Masks and gloves are not required but will be encouraged for those who would feel more comfortable wearing them.

We’re here to be Considerate.

We want to be considerate of those around us and help everyone to feel comfortable with the social distancing they practice.  To do that we will have space saver cards available.  These cards can be placed on seats to keep distance between families or individuals.  Our ushers will also be assisting with seating to make sure there is room for everyone at a considerate and safe distance.

We’re here for your Children.

Children are more than welcome to join their parents in service and we will provide coloring activities for those children. We also have kids and students ministries available at half capacity.  Our kids and students team will be working hard to provide a safe and clean environment for your children.

We’re here for Community.

More than ever, we need community.  We have encouraged our community group leaders, and really everyone in our church to host dinners and get togethers over the next few months to foster community and find ways to be together.

These values are helping us find a balance between the importance of being together and at the same time repeating and protecting all of us.

See you soon,

Chris Roussin
Lead Pastor

For any questions feel free to email us for more information!