Here at Lincoln Heights we exist to LEAD LOVE and LAUNCH, and we directly apply this to our college students ministry. We help LEAD college students to Jesus, we LOVE them into our community, and then help LAUNCH them into making a significant difference in this world. We know how scary and confusing this time in your life can be, transitioning from a kid to an adult. But You are NOT alone! Not only is there an entire community out there going through the same things you are (college, jobs, living on your own, etc.) but we also have Jesus on our side! And He walks with us every step of the way. During Connect, we meet on Tuesdays, from 6:30-8 in the NextGen Building, and during Life Groups, we will be in the same room, but from 7-8:30. We do not meet during the Summer or off weeks, but we have events scattered throughout the whole year! On a regular night we will hang out, do a few fun activities, get into the Bible, and talk about life. This part we try and keep simple! But once a month we do super fun events. We keep these relatively free and consistent, something to invite your friends to!