Here’s a little something to encourage you from
Colossians 2:6-8 (CEB)
So live in Christ Jesus the Lord in the same way as you received Him. Be rooted and built up in Him, be established in faith, and overflow with thanksgiving just as you were taught.

Did you know that “thanksgiving” is something that is supposed to be taught & learned?

Now, just to clarify, I’m NOT talking about the holiday…I’m talking about the actual “attitude of gratitude”…which you would think, might be an attitude that we’re just born with, right? (Not so much). Turns out, that this subject of “thanksgiving” is in many ways like any other subject we might find being offered at any local high-school. Could you imagine, back in the day when you went to high-school, someone asking you what subject you have for 2nd period…and you saying something like…

“Oh, for 2nd period? Yeah I have Thanksgiving for 2nd…it’s right after Algebra…it’s such a snooze-fest…I’m barley awake for it.” 

Back in the day, that would probably be my response to ANY class subject being taught to me before lunch. 🙂 But let’s talk about YOU and the subject of “thanksgiving” for just a moment. If you were taking a class on this subject today, what kind of grade would you be getting right now? An “A”…an“F”…maybe somewhere in between? Don’t beat yourself up too much with this exercise…because the point I’m trying to make has less to do with how you would grade yourself, and more to do with how you learn to be thankful. Maybe the reason why, year over year, you have such poor grades in this subject, is because you might have a slight “learning disability” when it comes to understanding how to give thanks?

Now, in NO way am I making light of you or anyone having a “learning disability”…in fact, being the proud husband of a public school teacher myself…I often hear from my wife how much it breaks her heart to see how some of her students struggle to learn because of a “learning disability”…it’s a REAL struggle…but there’s a real HOPE! In the context of many public schools, there are professionals known as Resource Specialists who on a daily basis, work with these students to help them overcome these learning-challenges. Wouldn’t it be great if you & I had a “Resource Specialist” who could help us overcome our challenges in learning how to give thanks?

Friend, we do have such a specialist in our lives…and His name is JESUS! And He will help us overcome our “learning disabilities” when it comes to understanding “thanksgiving”…and He does this when we stay committed to (1) being “rooted & built up in Him”(2) established in faith, and (3) being thankful for what He has done in our lives. Friend, let JESUS keep teaching you the subject of THANKSGIVING this season. (Make a short a mental list of THREE things that you’re thankful for, and intentionally THANK JESUS for those things). And then after that, commit to letting JESUS use you to help Him teach those around you this “thanksgiving” subject…by simply being a student who practices being thankful in front of others.

Happy Thanksgiving friend, and I hope these “Thanksgiving Instructions” have been helpful. Peace!