Compassion Ministries

Compassion Ministries
Compassion Ministries

We believe that God has called us to live our lives for more than just ourselves. To that end, we have committed to support 2 LOCAL and 3 GLOBAL causes. It's our goal to build meaningful relationships with our "Compassion Partners" and we believe that happens by actually sending you there to help! But don't worry, we don't plan on sending you there alone. That's one big reason for Community Groups. Our groups are committed to serving together with these partners on a regular basis. So get connected with a Community Group near you if you would like to start serving in this way, and you can find out more information about our Compassion Partners by visiting one of their websites below. for any other questions, email our compassion director Pam Leonard.

Click the banner above to join us for our upcoming Local Service Opportunity on February 23rd!


Madison Heights Elementary
Madison Heights Elementary is a Title I school in our own community. This means that there are a lot of families whose children attend Madison Heights Elementary that need assistance from the school and city. We want to partner with Madison Heights and love our neighbors as Jesus calls us to do. To learn more about Madison Heights, click here.

CRM works to create movements of committed followers of Jesus by pioneering new ground among the unreached and unchurched, bringing lasting transformation among the poor, and mobilizing the Church for mission. Check out CRM's page, here


Christian Missionary Fellowship International (CMF)

Christian Missionary Fellowship International (CMF), helps the urban poor in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya through child sponsorship, microfinancing small businesses, medical ministries, water projects, and much more. To learn more visit their website.

Niños de Baja

Niños de Baja is a Christ-centered outreach ministry providing a loving home for orphaned, abused & abandoned children in Baja Mexico. We partner with this ministry in the tiny farm town of El Porvenir (just 50 miles from the US Border) with prayer, scheduled service project trips, monthly financial support & community involvement throughout the year. To learn more, click here.

Cadence International

Brad and Debbie are currently directors of the Airmen Ministry Center at FE Warren in Cheyenne WY. They provide meals and encouragement to the Airmen stationed at FE Warren during the week, offer dinner and Bible Study at their home and a number of other activities for the Airmen to participate in that provide encouragement and spiritual direction. To learn more, visit their website.

2019 Leadership Israel Trip

Pastor Chris Roussin will be traveling through Israel with the Pastor's Group he has been apart of for the last 6 years. The purpose for this trip is threefold;
1. to visit Biblical sites in order to help enrich Pastor Chris' peaching,
2. to better understand the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians, and 
3. to understand how JESUS is the only answer to the conflict, get a firsthand look at the ministry that is already taking place there, and learn how Lincoln Heights might be able to be a part of this ministry in the future.   
This trip is going to cost $5,000 to get Pastor Chris to & from Israel. Anything you give will be GREATLY appreciated. (And anything EXTRA that comes in will go directly towards supporting future Lincoln Heights Missions Trips). Click Here to support Pastor Chris' Israel trip. 



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